River Murray Ops Update – Easter edition

Many residents of the Basin and beyond were saddened by the news that Henry Jones passed away this week. Henry was a powerful influence on the way Australians view the River Murray, in particular the Lower Lakes and Coorong region of South Australia. Last year Henry was awarded the River Murray Medal in recognition of his personal dedication over the years.

Low flows this Easter

Hume Dam earlier this week

Hume Dam earlier this week. Photo: MDBA

The widespread, soaking rain across the southern Basin this week resulted in a major drop in demands throughout the River Murray system. As a result, the amount of water being released from Dartmouth Dam, Hume Dam and Yarrawonga Weir is currently being reduced towards minimum flow rates to maximise water conservation.

Communities and holiday makers in the reaches immediately below these storages are advised that river levels will be low this Easter holidays. Continue reading the Easter river ops update…

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River Murray Ops Update – 11 April

Welcome to this week’s river ops update.

Storage release rates are relatively low for this time of the year. This means flows upstream of South Australia could be lower than is often seen leading into the Easter and school holiday period.

The widespread rain that has fallen (and continues to fall) over the Murray catchment had made forecasting river levels over the holiday period more difficult.

Paddle steamer Emmylou heading downstream on the Murray

The Emmylou steaming down the Murray. Photo: MDBA

Because of this, Murray River communities and people visiting the region this Easter should keep up to date with river level forecasts.

An easy way of doing this is by keeping an eye on the river flows and levels section on the MDBA website.

River operations

MDBA active storage decreased by 46 GL this week and is currently 4,727 GL or 56% capacity.

Continue reading this week’s river ops update…

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Making Water Scienterrific!

With Term 1 over in some states and close to wrapping up everywhere else, what better time to take a look at what MBDA Education team has been up to this year?

It’s been a busy Term 1 for our education team! They’ve hosted scores of school students as part of the National Youth Science Forum, hosted two students from Toowoomba for the PICSE program and they’ve been putting together this year’s Basin Champions program.

And then there’s our fantastic new app…

Continue reading to find out more…

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Basin Plan Updates Up North

This month, the MDBA will be holding some meetings for communities in the Northern Basin. If you’re in the area, come by to hear the latest on the Basin Plan.

MDBA staff will be there to answer your questions as well as give you more information on Basin Plan-related work. Staff from the Department of the Environment, the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office and the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines will also be there to keep you updated on their work.

For more information on any of the meetings, feel free to email us or phone 1800 230 067.
For meeting times and locations, read on…

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River Murray Ops Update – 4 April

Welcome to a jam-packed River Ops update! This week, we’ll look ahead to Easter and look back at what March was like in the Basin before getting into the detail of the week in river operations.

Don’t forget to bookmark the MDBA’s live river data section if you want to see the most up-to-date data on storage levels and flows in the River Murray system.

Easter Outlook

We are currently operating to conserve water across the system, which is likely to result in lower releases from upper storages and therefore lower flows in the River Murray over autumn. Continue reading

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River Murray Ops Update – 28 March

Fancy yourself a river operator? Think you’ve got what it takes to manage a river system? Find out with our brand new mobile game, Run the River!

Still from the Run the River game (era 1955)

Can you run this river?

The game, available for free for both Apple and Android devices, challenges you to move water through a river system (one that’s not dissimilar to the Murray-Darling Basin…), while keeping towns, farms and the environment happy. Sound simple? Give it a go and let us know how you did!

River Operations

MDBA active storage decreased by 107 GL this week and is currently 4,813 GL or 57% capacity.
Continue reading the river ops update…

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River Murray Ops Update – 21 March

Flows from Dartmouth Reservoir will vary for the remainder of March to mid-April. The changes in the release rate are aimed at improving the Mitta Mitta River’s water quality and facilitate recreational use downstream of the Dartmouth Reservoir. You can see the storage volumes and releases on our website – they are usually updated every Wednesday.

World Water Day 2014 logo

World Water Day 2014

Don’t forget – tomorrow is World Water Day.

World Water Day is held on 22 March each year to focus attention on the importance of freshwater and sustainable management of freshwater resources.

We’ll be at Questacon for the next week (until the 28th). If you’re in town, stop by for some interesting and informative displays and demonstrations about the basin’s water.

River Operations

MDBA active storage decreased by 96 GL this week and is currently 4,921 GL or 58% capacity.

Continue reading the river ops update…

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