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Latest media releases

Joint Media Release: Lake Mulwala level on the rise after effective weed control

Lake Mulwala is on the rise over the next four weeks following the lowering of the lake over winter for successful weed control and completion of works around the lake foreshore.

Joint Media Release: Basin-scale watering connects northern rivers in 2000km journey

For the first time, water for the environment has flowed through a 2000-kilometre network of rivers in the northern Murray–Darling Basin, reaching the Menindee Lakes near Broken Hill.

MDBA welcomes significant step towards establishing cultural flows

As ancestral owners, it is critical that Aboriginal people have a strong voice and role in water management.

Australia is well known for deadly animals, but for World Snake Day we’d like to point out that not every species can kill you – like the Murray-Darling inland carpet python, a non-venomous snake that constricts its prey.

5 hours 27 min ago