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Latest media releases

New one-stop shop for water for the environment protection information

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has improved public access to the measures that protect water for the environment by publishing a list of current legislation and plans in one central...

Transparency key to progress towards compliant Water Resource Plans

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority's latest quarterly update shows state governments are working hard to complete the high quality Water Resource Plans required to underpin the future health of...

Joint Media Release: Lock 26 at Torrumbarry Weir reopened following refurbishment

Lock 26 at Torrumbarry Weir will reopen on Friday 14 September following successful refurbishment works.

#BiodiversityMonth - The Darling Lily can be found on floodplains in arid western areas of the Basin, and flowers between February and June. Also known as the Murray, Paroo or Macquarie Lily, this native plant is inedible but is known to be applied to the skin as medicine.

23 hours 51 min ago