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Corporate structure

Our organisation is made up of five divisions:

  1. Office of the Chief Executive
  2. Office of Compliance
  3. River Management
  4. Science and Knowledge and Engagement
  5. Corporate Strategy and Services


Office of the Chief Executive

  • Chief Executive: Phillip Glyde

River Management

  • Manages all areas of operating the River Murray.
  • Works with state partners to lead the integration of water needs for the environment and other operation needs.

Management team:

  • Executive Director: Andrew Reynolds
  • Assets General Manager: Angus Paton
  • River Operations Senior Director: Jacqui Hickey
  • River Management Enhancement General Manager: Jo Kneebone
  • Operations Improvements Senior Director: Joe Davis

Science, Knowledge and Engagement

  • Ensures best practice science and robust evaluation outcomes of the Basin Plan.
  • Guides the strategic collection, curation and use of knowledge.

Management Team:

  • Executive Director: Carl Binning
  • Water Resource Group Senior Director: Pradeep Sharma
  • Science and Evaluation General Manager: Ben Gawne
  • Engagement, Partnerships and Policy General Manager: Vicki Woodburn
  • Communications, Media and Education, Policy Senior Director: Megan Winter

Office of Compliance

  • Ensuring stronger compliance and enforcement across the Basin as part of the Water Act 2007 (Cwth)
  • Accounting, auditing and reporting activities on key commitments, such as water trade rules and the protection of water for the environment.

Management team:

  • Acting Executive Director: Brent Williams
  • Acting General Manager: Di Mead

Corporate Strategy and Services

  • Providing a range of strategic and support services to enable MDBA staff to implement the Basin Plan and run the River Murray.
  • Provides secretariat support to the Authority, Ministerial Council, Basin Officials Committee, Basin Community Committee and other high-level committees

Management team:

  • Chief Operating Officer: Annette Blyton
  • Chief Data Officer: Scott Wood
  • Chief Finance Officer: Harish Madan
  • Chief Information Officer: Rod Barlow
  • Chief Legal Officer: Kelly Casey
  • Chief Risk Officer: John Taylor
  • ICT Services Acting Director: Tracy Langford
  • People and Culture Acting Director: Corinne Fox
  • Procurement, Planning and Performance Director: Sarah Coles
  • Secretariat and Facilities Acting Director: Victoria Parkes
  • Regionalisation Taskforce Director: Cedelle Burroughs
  • Regionalisation Taskforce Director: Michelle Fitzgerald 
Updated: 19 Aug 2019