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Ministerial Council

The Murray–Darling Basin Ministerial Council was established by the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement, Schedule 1 to the Water Act 2007, as amended.

The Ministerial Council comprises Ministers from each of the Basin states and the Commonwealth who also chairs the council.

Ministerial Council has policy and decision-making roles for matters such as state water shares, and the funding and delivery of natural resource management programs, as set out in the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement. The Authority is required to prepare an annual corporate plan for approval by the Ministerial Council in relation to these matters.

It also has a policy and decision-making role in regard to issues relating to critical human needs as provided for in the Act.

The council may give directions to the Basin Officials Committee concerning its functions and powers under the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement, and can also seek the advice of the Basin Community Committee on these functions.

The key functions and powers of the council are:

  • to consider and determine outcomes and objectives on major policy issues of common interest on the management of water and other natural resources of the Murray–Darling Basin
  • to determine matters specified in the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement
  • to approve the annual corporate plan, budget and asset management plan prepared by the Authority
  • agree to amendments to the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement.


Murray–Darling Basin Compliance Compact

The Basin Plan Compliance Compact was endorsed at the Council of Australian Government meeting on 12 December 2018.


Communiques are released following each meeting and are located below. The communiques state the Ministerial Council members at the time of the meeting: