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Regional engagement

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority is building our presence in regional areas. Regional offices and regional staff help us develop relationships with stakeholders. They help provide us with local knowledge and the capability to build partnerships.

Regional offices

Regional offices help us in our role in managing the Murray–Darling Basin. Being located in regional areas supports our research, evidence and analytical capacity, and contributes to policy and decision making.

We have offices in:

  • Adelaide
  • Albury–Wodonga
  • Canberra
  • Goondiwindi
  • Toowoomba

Regional engagement officers

We encourage people to talk to us about their experiences and concerns. We want everyone invested in the Basin to get in touch with the regional engagement team.

The group has an impressive range of skills, experience and strong community ties.

Our Regional Engagement Officers work part-time in their regions. We have hosting arrangements in place with five organisations and are working towards having seven officers across the Basin.

If you have any feedback or want to keep up to date on this program please email

Meet the team

Tom Foster - Macintyre (Queensland and New South Wales)

Tom’s family has a history of grazing and farming in Far North New South Wales. This has provided Tom with a strong foundation in his work as a Landcare project officer and as an auxiliary firefighter in the Maranoa region. Tom has a background in integrated water management and business. He is committed to effective engagement with communities on complex water issues.

Annabelle Guest - Namoi/Gwydir (New South Wales)

Annabelle has lived and worked in the Namoi/Gwydir region for the past 25 years and has extensive connections with her local community. Her various roles in the agriculture industry include consulting, research, compliance and landholder liaison. Annabelle is a former community advisory group representative for the North West Local Land Services, and currently a part time research coordinator with the Dryland Cotton Research Association.

Josh Kirby – Goulburn–Murray (Victoria)

Josh is a local farmer with a passion for both farming and the environment. He has a background in environmental science and has held a number of jobs in the Goulburn–Murray region including with local Moira Shire Council and with Goulburn Murray Water. He has extensive networks and an understanding of local issues and communities and is a proven communicator with extensive media experience.

Roger Knight - Mid-Murray (New South Wales)

Roger has experience in natural resource management, sustainable agriculture and environmental systems development and implementation. He embraces change management and has a keen interest in strengthening stakeholder relationships between industry, government, business and community groups.

Deana Mildren – Lower Murray (South Australia)

Deana is a Tungkillo landholder with a passion for both farming and the environment. She has a Bachelor of Science and Ecological Agriculture and has conducted project work in the dairy and wine industries. She has also been a board member of South Australian Murray Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board and the Tungkillo Landcare group. Her strength is developing community and industry capacity to collaborate with government in natural resource management projects.

Kerryn Suttor - Lower Balonne (Queensland)

Kerryn has lived in St George for the past six years. Kerryn's background is in building rural, regional and remote capacity with individuals and communities. She has worked with councils and chambers of commerce to deliver economic and community goals.

Peter Thomas - Barwon­­–Darling (New South Wales)

Peter is an active member of the local Bourke community. His diverse career has included roles across western NSW including as an auditor and financial adviser to police commands, a business manager for NSW Corrective Services and a transport industry sales agent. Peter has seen the effects of sustained droughts and lack of river flows on local townships and has a passion to engage with local communities.

Richard Unsworth –  Menindee and the Lower Darling (New South Wales)

Richard is a Menindee resident and small business owner committed to the town, its people and the river. Richard moved to Menindee to work in the horticultural industry managing a table grape operation. He also has previous experience in the public sector and brings a unique range of community and management skills to the role.

Updated: 08 May 2019