Basin Plan amendments

The Murray–Darling Basin Plan is about ensuring a healthy and productive system for future generations.

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has proposed changes to the Basin Plan that makes the most of information we've gathered since the Plan was signed off in 2012.

Our recommendations are based on research and monitoring, as well as talking to local communities and working with industry experts.

We called for submissions on our proposed changes on 22 November 2016 and gave 13 weeks for people to provide feedback. We received 2,144 submissions and held 50 meetings.

More information:

Following the consultation we recommended further changes to the Basin Plan. The proposed amendments along with a report on the submissions has been provided to the Ministerial Council. They have 6 weeks to respond and then a final recommendation will be made to the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

    The amendment process

    Approximate timing Stage of amendment process

    November 2016

    We announced proposed amendments to the Basin Plan.

    November 2016–February 2017

    Consultation period open and members of the public invited to provide feedback on the proposed amendments.

    Information sessions held around the Basin.

    March–April 2017

    The MDBA considered issues raised during the consultation period and decided whether to recommend any further changes.

    May–June 2017

    Proposed amendments and revisions given to the Ministerial Council.

    The Ministerial Council provides us with any comments they have on the proposed amendments.

    We consider the issues raised by the Ministerial Council and decide whether to make any further changes.

    June–July 2017

    The MDBA gives the proposed amendments and any revisions to the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

    The Minister either adopts the amendments or provides further suggestions for changes to the MDBA.

    An announcement expected on whether:

    • the amendment will be tabled in parliament, OR
    • further consultation and modification of proposed amendments to be undertaken


    What are the proposed amendments?

    The proposed amendments focus on three areas of the Basin Plan:

    Northern Basin

    Proposing a reduction in water recovery

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    Revising extraction limits

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    Minor practical changes to enable effective and consistent implementation of the Basin Plan.

    Read more about the changes

    If you have any questions or would like more information on the amendment process please email us or phone 1800 230 067.