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Report a breach of the Basin Plan

If you are concerned that someone has done something that is inconsistent, non-compliant or in breach of the Basin Plan or an accredited water resource plan, please share your issue with the MDBA. This form is designed to provide you, anonymously if you prefer, with a guide on the information we need to further explore your matter.

If the issue falls within our area of responsibility we will assess your issue and may respond in a number of ways. This may include:

  • seeking more information from you
  • contacting the person who is alleged to have contravened the rules
  • tracking and monitoring their activities
  • gathering more evidence
  • conduct a formal investigation.

If you wish to receive feedback about the outcome of your allegation, please ensure that you provide your contact details.

We will assess any issues against criteria such as:

  • consideration of the seriousness of the information provided
  • the detail provided or available
  • its relative priority
  • the cost effectiveness of any follow up.

If we decide the matter warrants further consideration, generally we will apply the escalation methodology described in the compliance and assurance strategy. This approach includes a focus on good faith negotiation, mediation and enforcement where necessary.

Where the allegation is about non-compliance by the MDBA, we will review and investigate the matter consistent with our internal governance arrangements and obligations under the Public Information Disclosure Act 2013 (Cwth).

More information

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Particulars of the alleged incident

Incident details
Please be as specific as possible. For example: A water corporation has restricted a person from trading water by imposing a restriction on the use of the water. Insert as much detail as possible on the matter, including names of people within organisations who are the subject of an allegation.
Other - please specify
Example: The water corporations head office in ….. The property affected is at …. etc.
Example: Yes - A set of photocopied bank statements was provided.

Your personal details

Personal details

Privacy statement

The MDBA is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cwth). The MDBA is collecting your personal information so that you can be contacted in relation to the incident you have reported to obtain additional information and further substantiate your report. In some cases, the MDBA may request your consent to providing witness statements or otherwise assisting with evidence in relation to its compliance and assurance activities.

You may respond anonymously or use a pseudonym, however if you do not provide contact information, the MDBA may not be able to act on or further investigate the matter.

The MDBA may disclose your personal information to Commonwealth and Basin State law enforcement agencies or if an exception under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cwth) applies.

Please contact MDBA's Office of Compliance if you need to update your personal information by emailing or by phoning 1800 230 067.

The MDBA's Privacy Policy explains the way the MDBA protects your personal information and contains information about how you may access or correct your personal information, or make a complaint about the way your personal information is handled. For enquiries or requests relating to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cwth) please contact the Privacy Contact Officer at email or phone 1800 230 067.

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