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Homework resources

Access a range of free water education information and resources. You can also check out our free apps.


Colouring sheets commissioned for NAIDOC week and based on native animals and plants that live in in our rivers and wetlands. Contains information about the Wiradjuri artist who created the design.

Murray–Darling Basin sticker mapping activity

Cartography by stickers. Research the river and complete the map.

Water sharing game

This is an interactive way to think about how to fairly share water across all users of a river system. All you need is a jug of water and some plastic cups.

Basin geography

Australia's largest river system

A fact sheet introducing the Murray-Darling Basin.

Word game - Basin places and animals

Fill in the missing letters to reveal the different places and the animals who live there. Test what students have learnt or use as a research project to find the answers.

Word scramble - Basin words

Unscramble the words to reveal the different Basin places, animals and plants.

Word search - Basin words

Find the basin words in this word search.

The water cycle

Water cycle worksheet

Fill in the gaps to complete the water cycle. Help develop understanding of the cycle and water’s changing state from liquid to gas.

Water cycle experiment

Create your own miniature water cycle.

Water volume

Water volume fact sheet

Just what sort of scale are we talking about here? What is a litre? What’s a gigalitre?

Water volume teacher notes

Handy guide to water volumes with fun statistics on water use for household appliances.

Water volume worksheet

A chance for students to demonstrate understanding of water volume.


Salinity experiments student worksheet

Two different ways to test the effect of salt on plants.



Order posters and stickers

Macquarie Marshes poster (double sided, A1)

Case study of the Macquarie Marshes on one side and general information about the importance of wetlands on the other side.

River management timeline poster (A1)

Illustrates the management of water resources in the Murray–Darling Basin, shows floods, droughts, construction of infrastructure and background of Aboriginal heritage.

Frog and reptile poster (double sided, A1)

Frogs found in the Murray–Darling Basin on one side, and reptiles (snakes, lizards and turtles) on the other side.

Native and introduced fish poster (double sided, A1)

Fish species found in the Murray–Darling Basin. One side has native fish and the other side shows fish species introduced to the Basin.

River Murray System poster (A1)

Illustrates the water delivery assets of the River Murray system - water storages, rivers, irrigation channels and pumping infrastructure.

Murray–Darling Basin map poster (A0)

Includes data for the past 100 years - inflows, floods, drought and rainfall.

Flora and fauna of the Murray–Darling basin poster (A1)

Illustrations and descriptions of flora and fauna, a map and facts and figures for the Murray–Darling Basin.

Flora and fauna stickers 1  (A4)

Sheet of 12 stickers with various plants and animals of the Murray–Darling Basin.

Flora and fauna stickers 2 (A4)

Sheet of 12 stickers with various plants and animals of the Murray–Darling Basin.

Flora and fauna stickers 3 (A4)

Sheet of 12 stickers with various plants and animals of the Murray–Darling Basin.

Other water education resources

Australian water education resources — developed by the Department of Environment water education resources. It includes a great unit on the Murray–Darling Basin.

Geoscience Australia Education — useful education resources from Geoscience Australia to promote geosciences awareness.

Ramsar wetlands fact sheets — why wetlands are so important and what you can do to protect them. Also includes as explanation of the international Ramsar Convention.

South East Water Education – includes a fantastic animation on the water cycle.

Water and the Murray–Darling Basin — National Museum of Australia —a useful resource for teaching secondary history. From a National Museum of Australia exhibit.

Wet rocks — information on Groundwater for teachers. Provided by the initiative of the Teacher Earth Science Education Program.

Wirraminna environmental education centre — a website with useful teaching resources including videos and education kits. Developed by the Riverina environmental education centre (supported by the MDBA).