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Published: 02 December 2013   •   Flow advice

Water is currently being transferred from Dartmouth Reservoir to Lake Hume due to continued warm, dry conditions and a high demand on water held in Hume Reservoir.

Landholders and river users, including pumpers, should take into account the increasing flows along the Mitta Mitta River and make any necessary adjustments to their river activities.

Known as 'harmony transfers', the movement of water provides additional flood mitigation capacity at Dartmouth Reservoir for next year's winter and spring without impinging upon the security of supply to downstream water users.

Importantly, the transfers currently underway will lessen the need for very large volumes to be transferred later in 2013-14 should dry conditions continue. This in turn will reduce the risks of channel erosion from prolonged high flow rates in the Mitta Mitta River.

Harmony transfers also benefit the operation of the Dartmouth power station, reduce the rate at which Hume Reservoir's water level falls and provide higher in-channel flows in the Mitta Mitta River.

The release from Dartmouth Reservoir is currently about 3,500 ML/day (2.0 m at Colemans gauge) and is planned to be increased gradually over the coming week up to about 5,000 ML/day (2.2 m at Colemans gauge) by Friday 6 December. Thereafter, flows are expected to remain at about this rate for at least the next week or so.

The flow at Tallandoon is now about 3,200 ML/day (2.25 m gauge height) and is expected to rise to about 5,000 ML/day (2.6 m gauge height) by the weekend of 7-8 December.

Dartmouth Reservoir is currently storing 3,782 GL (98% capacity), with the water level about 1.1 m below the spillway. With these increased releases and declining inflows, the volume in the reservoir is expected to slowly fall over the coming month.

A further flow advice will be issued if these forecasts change significantly.

Flow forecasts and the Weekly Report are routinely updated on the MDBA website each Wednesday.


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