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Published: 13 September 2013   •   Flow advice

The release from Dartmouth Reservoir has been increased this morning to 3,000 ML/day (1.89 m at Colemans gauge) and could be increased further over the coming days in response to forecast rainfall and inflows.

The flow at Tallandoon is now about 2,600 ML/day (2.11 m gauge height) and rising. Current forecasts indicate that the flow at Tallandoon is likely to remain less than 10,000 ML/day (3.4 m gauge height).

Dartmouth Reservoir is currently storing 3,796 GL, with the water level about 1 m below the spillway. With these increased releases and expected higher inflows, the volume in the reservoir is expected to slowly rise towards "effectively full" (99% capacity, about 40 GL airspace or 60 cm below the spillway level).

Once Dartmouth Reservoir reaches effective full supply volume, the release from the storage will be varied to approximately match the inflow to the reservoir, while ensuring that the flow at Tallandoon remains below 10,000 ML/day. These releases will enable about 40 GL of airspace to be maintained in the storage.

A further flow advice will be issued if these forecasts change significantly.

MDBA will update the flow forecasts on the MDBA website later this afternoon. These flow forecasts are also routinely updated each Wednesday. The Weekly Report is also available on the MDBA website.

Landholders and river users, including pumpers, should take into account the increasing flows along the Mitta Mitta River and make any necessary adjustments to their river activities.


River users wanting more information on river heights can contact MDBA on 02 6279 0100 or see updates at River operations weekly report or SA Water - Daily flow report.

For more information, contact the MDBA Media office at or 02 6279 0141.

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