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Published: 17 April 2019   •   Media release

Local communities and visitors to the Murray River are reminded that river heights and flows during Easter and the school holidays are likely to remain near the levels experienced in the past couple of weeks, given the forecast for dry weather conditions.

MDBA Executive Director of River Management, Andrew Reynolds, said the releases of water into the Murray River were meeting demand for water throughout the system.

"Although Easter is not in peak irrigation season this year, the ongoing dry conditions mean that water license holders are continuing to order their water, which has the effect of maintaining river levels," Mr Reynolds said.

"River managers at the MDBA monitor flows each day and adjust the amount of water released from storages with close regard to Bureau of Meteorology forecasts.

"The eight-day forecast currently indicates a low likelihood of rain on the Easter weekend. We expect, therefore, steady flows in the river, but recommend that visitors to the river during this popular holiday time use the river safely and continue to keep an eye on river heights.

"Should we receive significant rain, entitlement holders are likely to reduce their water orders, which means the river levels would drop. Over the coming weeks, as we near the end of the irrigation season, it is expected that flows in the Murray will gradually reduce.

"Regardless of the weather, the important thing to remember is that the river might not be the same as the last time you visited."

Updates on expected Easter flows will be provided through the River Murray Weekly Report and to check river levels and forecasts visit the MDBA's River Murray data.


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