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Published: 28 June 2019   •   Flow advice

Landholders and river users, including pumpers, on the Mitta Mitta River are advised to take into account the forecast releases of water from Dartmouth Dam and make any necessary adjustment to their river activities.

Bulk transfer of water from Dartmouth to Hume will continue in July. Based on current system conditions and forecasts, MDBA river operations plan to target a transfer volume of up to 180 GL for the month.

Releases will continue to be made in a series of pulsed releases at a gradually higher rate, reaching a peak up to 7,000 ML/day towards the end of the month. For June, peak releases were near 5,000 ML/day.

These variable releases aim to transfer appropriate volumes to Hume, whilst minimising erosion along the Mitta Mitta River. Varied releases are environmentally preferable to maintaining steady flows and better align with the natural variability of the lower Mitta Mitta River. Without rainfall, river heights at Tallandoon are expected to vary below 3.0 m (~7,200 ML/day), below channel capacity.

Operational scenario planning indicates that transfer volumes may increase in coming months if system inflows remain low and, without substantial inflow improvements, transfers are anticipated to persist through the rest of winter, spring and into summer. Conversely, transfers may be decreased if significant rainfall improves system inflows. System conditions will be monitored and transfers from Dartmouth adjusted as required. More information on releases will be provided at the upcoming community meeting to be held at 11am on 12 July at the Eskdale Hotel.

Landholders and river users on the Mitta Mitta are advised to regularly check the current flows and forecasts on the MDBA website for more information on releases from Dartmouth Dam. Summary information about the River Murray system is available in the River Murray weekly report.

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Meeting with the Mitta Mitta Valley Community

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority, Goulburn-Murray Water and North East Catchment Management Authority are holding an information session and invite the Mitta Mitta Valley community and interested stakeholders to attend.

The information session will discuss the operation of Dartmouth Reservoir and potential flows along the Mitta Mitta River during the months ahead. The riparian river restoration program will also be covered.

When: Friday 12 July 2019
Time: 11.00am – 12.30pm
Where: Eskdale Hotel, 3786 Omeo Highway, Eskdale


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