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Water availability in the Murray–Darling Basin

In 2007–2008 CSIRO Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields (MDBSY) project published a series of reports documenting water availability across the Murray-Darling Basin, including an assessment of the likely impacts of climate change to ~2030 on water availability (e.g. CSIRO 2008a). This assessment was the most comprehensive and integrated assessment of water availability ever undertaken for the Murray-Darling Basin. As a part of technical work supporting the development of the Basin Plan the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) (with assistance from CSIRO and its consultants and state governments) has updated this assessment; the results of this work are presented in this report.


Water availability in the Murray–Darling Basin

An update of the CSIRO Murray–Darling Basin sustainable yields assessment. The report was prepared in September 2010.

Updated: 09 Dec 2019  •   MDBA reports